About Us

SEAL is the Science and Engineering Association of Limburg at Maastricht University.

Cecilia Menéndez-Abascal Sitges


Selin Yılmaz

VP & EXternal

Greta Hallergard


Riki Toubkin


Our Goal

Our goal is to bring together students from the  Faculty of Science and Engineering. This includes all students studying Business Engineering (BE), Circular Engineering (CE), attending the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (DACS), the Maastricht Science Program (MSP), the University College Maastricht (UCM), the University College Venlo (UCV), as well as all Master students studying at FSE.

Our Mission

Through SEAL, we strive to create bridges that allow Maastricht university’s students to not only meet people from different nationalities, but to also create long lasting friendships across the different programs.

In organizing events between students and different stakeholder in the region, SEAL attempts to further integrate students with Limburg.

Core Values

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