Welcome to SEAL!

The Science and Engineering Association Limburg provides a hub for students at the Maastricht University Faculty of Science and Engineering to come together by organising social and academic events with relevant stakeholders in the region.

Who are we?

The Science and Engineering Association Limburg (SEAL) is an organisation that aims to provide students from all academic disciplines within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) with opportunities to connect with companies and organisations.

By providing a platform that is not only study-specific, SEAL creates a hub for problem-solvers and enables students from different backgrounds to get in touch with the science and engineering industry.

Through partnerships with organisations, SEAL helps to bridge the gap between students and companies, providing access to a wide range of projects and internships.

How can we help you?

Networking events

SEAL makes networking easy. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on advancing your career.

Learning with other students

SEAL is the easiest and fastest way for students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering to find and connect with each other.

Making a difference with STEM

SEAL enacts social impact in the local community through creating events that raise awareness for the importance of STEM in Limburg.

Are you a business wanting to reach students?

If you are a business interested in collaborating with us to connect with students, contact us through our email below.

What students say about us

My name is Pierre, I am a student in Maastricht. The events organised by SEAL are a great way for me to interact with the community and build relationships. I would definitely recommend this events from SEAL to my friends and fellow students.
Pierre Henrot
Despite being part of FSE, a connection was missing between its students. Through the FSE gala, SEAL showed how easy it was to bring us all together.

Lief Haug
As a student at one of the programmes at FSE, I was delighted when the SEAL team approached me to shoot the photos and videos for their first event - the FSE gala. The organisation and party were exceptional and any concern I had was promptly dealt with.
Gabriel Hauss
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